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The wedding is an event of the lifetime and everyone wants their wedding day to be special and the celebrations to grand that they can cherish for their lifetime. It is the day when not only the two ties knot and take vows to stay together forever. The Indian weddings are extravagant and lavish and today the weddings have become a grand affair and have become more elaborate. The couple wants to celebrate the wedding events and ceremonies in a manner that it will be remembered everlastingly.

For a dream wedding come true one must surely make the preparations in advance so that everything goes smoothly and falls on the place on the day of the wedding. To make a perfect wedding planning one must make a checklist so that they do not skip anything important.

The Wedding preparations is a complex task that involves a lot of things that includes the selection of the venue, food, entertainment, gifts arrangement, guest welcoming, decorations, and many other preparations that one can imagine. For a perfect wedding, one need to do a lot of planning and it is not a cakewalk that anyone can manage on their own. The wedding preparations make people anxious as there is a lot to do in a limited time.

It is a once in a lifetime event that every wants to be grand and its celebrations treasures for the lifetime. Therefore, for planning a perfect wedding one must take the help of professional who can help in planning a dream wedding. To help in planning and arranging the wedding ceremonies and events there are many professional Wedding Planners in Delhi. The Wedding planners have a team of brilliant and competent team of experienced consultants who sits with the client to thoroughly discuss and understand the requirements, preferences, and expectations. They work closely with the client in the planning process and take into consideration the personal vision of their client and translate them into the imposing and elegant event. The wedding planners offer a comprehensive range of service and plan the entire wedding from the beginning to the end ensuring impeccable service. They come up with unique and refreshing wedding concepts and themes for the wedding and helps in taking important decisions in booking the venue, wedding venue decoration, gift selection, wedding card selection, entertainment, ceremonies preparation, food and beverages arrangement etc.

They offer bespoke solutions as per the requirement and expectations. Additionally, their team is always ready to assist and make changes in planning the arrangement creating the celebrations grand for the very special day. They take care of everything and allow one to enjoy every single event celebration at the wedding to the fullest without worrying about the preparations. Whether the wedding is a traditional, or a contemporary one the wedding planners have an expert eye to offer exclusive yet impressive solutions for making the wedding celebrations grand and remembered forever. Moreover, they keep the interest of the clients first and do the planning as they envisioned within their budget.

We provide following services under wedding

Venue Selection

From a small function to a grand scale event, we have venue for every occasion. We cater to all types of events venues like wedding and wedding reception, workshops, theme based venues etc. Contact our wedding specialists today to book a venue


We help you prepare your guest list and design your weddig cards. You can check with us for different price range.

Theme Decor

We provide theme based wedding and décor for you. We provide Theme weddings décor, Thematic dining concepts, Entertainment & Events, Flower decor & designs

Wedding Shopping

We help you do your wedding shopping at most reasonable budget. People who want the most stunning Indian fashion attire or simply want gorgeous pieces of wedding dresses sourced from here without leaving your home.

Bride/groom's attire

Bride’s and grooms attire is the most difficult task for the family. You have to look most beautiful that day and different from others. We help you doing this selection and provide you ideas to make this choice.

Wedding Safa

We help you match your beautiful dressed bride by adding the traditional Wedding Safa. We provide exclusive range of wedding safas for bride and groom for this wonderful occasion.

Bachelor's Party

A bachelor party also known as a stag party, stag night is a party held for a man shortly before he enters marriage to celebrate his "last night of freedom. We make this night memorable for you with lot of options as this is becoming one of the most important occasion for the grooom before marriage.


From a scall scale gathering of 20 people to thousands of guests. We always work within your budget t provide best of the catering services in Delhi NCR.

Ladies Sangeet

Ladies Sangeet ceremonies are fun filled occasion which has lot of moments of singing and dancing to the beats of dholak and music from pop music or bollywood. We provide musical instruments lile drums , guitar and singers to make it a successful ladies sangeet night.

Mehndi Night

Mehndi night is the most important function for a bride before marriage. Here relatives and friends of the bride gather at the bride's house to celebrate ir.. While the henna is being applied the bride is given advice by older women on married life. We help to plan this night, arrange the nehandi wala and gifts for the elders.

Photography and video

Your wedding photography and video making is one of the most important wedding planning decisions. We bring multi-directional soft studio lighting and hire professional and experienced photographers and video makers who assist you in creating & capturing the dreams on the special day.

Light & Sound

We have professional experts who provide sound & lighting arrangements for the outdoors and indoors. We can assist you with great lighting arrangements for the spcial occasion of marriage.


We give your guests the best with customized DJ Services to by Kamakazi. We are highly popular for our ability to offer clients with good Music and DJ arrangement for wedding parties.


Along with the food and decoration we also take care of the entertainment value in a wedding. We provide bollywood dancers, bhangra dancers, giddha dancers, bollywood string quartets, bollywood harpists, bollywood pianists bollywood singers to maintain the entertainment value


Trosseau with dictionary meaning: The possessions, such as clothing and linens, that a bride assembles for her marriage. We help the bride to buld her trosseau in most efficient and economical manner. We provide all packing ideas making it really a fun experience for the bride.

Bridal Makeup

A bride's makeup should be perfect. There isn't a scope for mistakes for this as this is the occasion where you would want to look your best. We provide the best bridal makeup artists in Delhi who do subtle, simple makeup along with the best prices in the market.

Varmala Concept

Varmala is the moment when heart starts pounding of everyone, breath on hold, the face of bride and groom. We provide diffferent varities of themes for such moment.

Welcoming Hostesses

The hostess creates Wedding & put Guestr in place of it so our hostesses are very welcoming and very presentable to the guests.

Car Decor

Wedding Car Decoration is An Important Part Of The wedding Celebration. Your wedding is the celebration of the beginning of your married life so your car decor should look best. We take care of this at Kamakazi.

Luxury/Vintage Car Hire

We do all Luxury car hiring for your special guests who have special tastes for cars. We do all Luxury car hiring for your special guests who have special tastes for cars.

Wedding Cake

A wedding cake is the traditional cake served at wedding receptions following dinner. We arrange cakes for the occasion which are best to taste at.

Wedding Gifts

One of the oldest wedding-gift traditions is the exchange of gifts between the bride and the groom. We provide gifts for all traditions whether it is between bride and the groom or you want to give gifts to guests.

Fire Works

We provide some simple novelty wedding fireworks displays. It consists arrangement of sparklers, poppers, crackers and traditional fireworks


The overall Hositality of the event is maaged by our staff. We try to see that all guests are being managed well and given as much personal attention as possible.

Hotel Booking

We book hotels for your guests and based on the numbers and tastes we can do multiple bookings for different guests types.


We have arranged hundreds of honeymoon safaris all unique and memorable and create bespoke honemoon package for the honemooners based on the budget and taste you specify.

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