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We are here to help you turn your important days into memorable ones. Incorporated during 2006 we at Kamakazi Events, have been delivering top-notch event management and wedding planning services to our Indian and international clients, in the most professional manner. We help you plan for your destination-based or theme-based weddings, birthday parties, corporate events and other family functions. Wedding Planning and event management has been our core competence ever since we started our operations.

Our designated team will work with you throughout and ensure that right from the days prior to your wedding till your actual Event date. We personalise your experience as per your demands by getting to know your likes and dislikes. You will have our team to assist you at each and every step leading into your big day, so you can be guaranteed of our consistent guidance and support.
As a destination wedding planner, we ensure that you get your basics right by helping you to choose the right location based on the season, sorting out the travel arrangements from your hometown to the venue of your wedding, organising for food and planning out the entire itinerary of your occasion, thereby reducing your time and effort to a great extent. It is very difficult to meet all the representatives of various departments and arrange everything on your own. This is where we come to your rescue. We take care of everything in a very professional way and charge reasonable rates for the same.

We also help you to organise theme based functions - be it your weddings, birthday parties or other corporate or family functions. Themes spice up the proceedings of any function, as it brings lots of excitement to each and every one attending it. Royal and retro themes are the most preferred by our clients, but we undertake to organise functions with any theme that you may have in mind. We offer to organise birthday parties as well for you. If you want to surprise your near and dear ones with a sudden party but still want to be secretive about the arrangements you make, you can contact us. We will ensure that this is going to be one party that you will never forget in your life. We take care of everything right from booking the venue where you want your party to be held, arranging for food for the number of guests attending, getting the cake designed as per your instructions, negotiating with the vendors to get the best rates and all that is needed to ensure that your party is a grand success.

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